Try the Nutritious Diet of an Optimist for a Healthy, Happy Lifestyle

Carotenoids and human health


According to nutritionists and many modern health practitioners, if you want to have an optimistic outlook on life, you should consume more carotenoids. These are the antioxidants responsible for the bright, cheerful colorations of fruits and vegetables like carrots and tomatoes. Recent health research reveals that approximately 67 percent of exceptionally optimistic individuals have regular daily diets that include at least three portions of colorful produce.

Health threats

Experts credit carotenoids with the enhancement of free radical neutralization in the body, which protects against cellular damage. This internal process also guards against such health threats as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disorders. Medical researchers report that the brain is much more resilient than we often think possible, especially when the best nutritional eating habits are practiced on a continuous schedule.

If you have not already adopted a diet rich in such foods as leafy green vegetables, carrots, squash, red and yellow tomatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkins, try incorporating these foods in your daily dietary intake. You may be astounded at the results. You will most likely be able to finish a difficult crossword puzzle or start mastering a new language with ease, mainly due to healthy eating habits.