Play With Your Food: Food Art

Today’s food television is riddled with food art programming. From creative cakes to breathtaking plating, the combination of food and fine art is a tidal wave washing over the epicurean world that you can be a part of. If you have an eye for art and a flair for food, you can indulge both of your talents by learning some food art techniques.

Carve It

Get creative with your knife skills. Turn a cake into a castle or a stack of meats, vegetables and cheeses into beloved cartoon characters with carving. The simplest food cutting technique is to use shaped cutters. This popular method of making food art bento boxes is as easy as making construction paper pictures. You could also take a trip and learn some local carving techniques. In Thailand, for example, you can learn how to carve fruit into stunning, cameo-like sculptures.





Shape It

If your favorite part of school art class was working with clay, dip your toes into food sculpting techniques. You can use sticky rice in savory dishes or rice cereal treats in sweets to make mold almost any shape. For a smoother medium, look to fondant, gum paste and modeling chocolate. You can find classes in these techniques at local craft stores and even online.

Roll It

Inspired by the skills of celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto, there is a large community of food artists dedicated to beautiful sushi rolls. These delicious, healthy rolls give you a big return for your effort. Every piece you cut off of your roll will be beautiful. You can learn stunning techniques online or by taking classes by local chefs in Asia.

Food art opens up new avenues for you to express your creativity in the kitchen. It does not take long to learn basic techniques, and you can build upon your skills for a lifetime. With food art, you can transform amazing meals into a feast for the eyes.

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