Make Tasty, Health-Enhancing Meal Choices from Restaurant Menus



When eating in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and food courts, you can usually locate tasty and healthful food choices on the menu. If not, always request substitutions, whenever possible. Some of the healthiest food choices you can make include:

  1.  Whole Grain Cereals and Breads. – Make sure that the cereals and breads you order contain natural or organic whole grains. Both sugar and fat content in these food items should be relatively low as well.
  2. Yogurt, Fresh Fruits and Smoothies. – Low-fat natural and organic yogurt, fresh fruit or a combination of both is always healthy and appealing. Smoothies are also nutritious and energizing, as long as you choose healthful ingredients. Natural fruits and vegetables, yogurt and soy or rice milk are all good selections for the mix.
  3. Egg and Meat Selections. – If you like eggs and are in good health, egg dishes are acceptable choices as long as you limit your intake. You can always order an egg-white omelette dressed up with plenty of veggies and spices, too, as an alternate meal. Meats should be freshly baked, roasted or grilled and low in fats.
  4. Salads. – When ordering salads, avoid eateries that add excessive doses of mayonnaise or processed foods. Light citrus vinaigrettes are healthy, tasty salad dressings.