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Play With Your Food: Food Art

Today’s food television is riddled with food art programming. From creative cakes to breathtaking plating, the combination of food and fine art is a tidal wave washing over the epicurean world that you can be a part of. If you have an eye for art and a flair for food, you can indulge both of […]

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Make Tasty, Health-Enhancing Meal Choices from Restaurant Menus

When eating in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and food courts, you can usually locate tasty and healthful food choices on the menu. If not, always request substitutions, whenever possible. Some of the healthiest food choices you can make include:  Whole Grain Cereals and Breads. – Make sure that the cereals and breads you order contain natural or […]

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Try the Nutritious Diet of an Optimist for a Healthy, Happy Lifestyle

According to nutritionists and many modern health practitioners, if you want to have an optimistic outlook on life, you should consume more carotenoids. These are the antioxidants responsible for the bright, cheerful colorations of fruits and vegetables like carrots and tomatoes. Recent health research reveals that approximately 67 percent of exceptionally optimistic individuals have regular daily […]

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