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The Popular Appeal of Modern Restaurants and Menus

With the growing interest in modern international foods, restaurants and menu choices, consumers are constantly trying new restaurants to sample the newest or favorite cuisine options. The modern-day busy lifestyles of most people also make the public more aware of food and nutrition-related health issues. In order to accommodate patrons’ desires for flavorful, satisfying dishes while striving to meet modern nutritional and dietary requests and requirements, today’s most successful restaurateurs are offering meals with lower sugar, fat and calorie content. They are also providing menus that include more natural and organic foods. In addition, many restaurants, food courts and cafes now serve vegetarian and vegan dishes.

What are good coffee shop and cafe choices for breakfast and lunch foods?

Popular health-oriented breakfast and lunch foods, many with natural ingredients, are currently offered by the best cafes, coffee shops and food courts, including:

  • downloadWhole grain cereals and breads;
  • Yogurt, Fresh Fruits and Smoothies;
  • Egg Dishes and Egg-White Omelettes;
  • Fresh Salads with Citrus Vinaigrette Dressings.

Many of these food choices are often available in natural or organic form, even in restaurants that do not feature a natural, organic or health-food menu.

What different restaurant menus are healthy dinner choices?

Restaurants with many varied menus and types of culinary selections are now serving health-enhancing food selections, such as:

  1. Seafood Restaurants. – The public is right in assuming that fresh fish menus offer low-calorie, low-fat meals and plenty of the omega-3s to ensure active brain and heart function. This is true as long as you frequent restaurants that offer fresh broiled, blackened or grilled fish without heavily fried batter coatings or smothering mayonnaise or cream-based dressings.
  2. Chinese, Japanese and Thai Restaurants. – In the U.S., Chinese, Japanese and Thai menus can be high in sodium content from frequent use of soy sauce. To add flavor, use low-sodium soy, mustard, duck or chili sauce.
  3. French, Italian and Mexican Restaurants. – French Bistros in the U.S. often have delicious culinary selections. However, meats, sauces and pastries can contain excess fat and sugar. Grilled fish or roast chicken are good menu choices, and it is wise to share your serving of frites (fries). Popular Italian pasta has an acceptable carb (carbohydrate) count in restaurant dishes until you add rich stuffings or heavy sauces. If you order a marinara rather than a cream sauce, your calorie count will be lower. In U.S.-based Mexican restaurants, eat small portions of some of the most-frequently served foods, such as chips, sour cream and cheese. They are all high in sodium content as well as saturated fats and calories.

Even when restricting your intake of certain foods to promote good health, you need not fear limiting your culinary enjoyment. There are plenty of excellent, irresistible, healthy menu choices available in eateries of all types with varied, attractive decor to completely satisfy and delight every food craving and dining taste.